God has brought his kingdom people to the U of I to work in all sorts of key positions. U of I staff and administrators are crucial to the well-being of the University.

There are options for how one thinks of their work at the U of I. One option is that the U of I is where they just happen to earn a paycheck. Another option (a better one?) is to think of it as a place where God has called you for his good purposes.

Typically staff and administrators are at the U of I long-term and are in real positions to serve in key ways.

What would the U of I be like if Christian men and women in these key administrative and staff roles met to pray together for the good of the University, for an openness for the Gospel, for Christian faculty, for the various Christian campus ministries?

It's probably the case that this is already happening in many cases, if not in regular meeting settings. And the U of I is the better for it.

The "Staff" in Illini Christian Faculty and Staff thus serve a crucial role at the U of I.

ICFS seeks to bring together God's people who work and teach and research and serve in other ways. All the more so, because there are new staff members arriving each year, and many of them are Christian. Let's all work hard to find one another and help one another to follow Christ at the U of I.